Royal Vegas

Royal Vegas

Royal Vegas is our go to destination whenever we’re in the mood for a premium casino experience. This casino is not just sophisticated, it is stellar in every way. If you were to judge by the name alone, you might be inclined to picture a glitzy 1970s Las Vegas look. You would be so wrong on so many levels. You must realize that the Royal Vegas casino set out to provide the experience of a 5 star hotel casino floor. The Bellaggio would blush in self consciousness if placed side by side with the Royal Vegas. There is simply no way to live up to this vision of luxury in real life. So where is the Royal Vegas casino located? You see, the Royal Vegas casino is software from the ground up. It is located wherever you are.

As soon as you visit their website, it is clear from the beginning that Royal Vegas wants to be different. It wants the world to know it is a premium brand. Everything is clean and elegant. The colors schemes are balanced and attractive. From design to implementation, Royal Vegas makes zero compromises and opts only for the best of the best. The casino is astonishing to behold. At its very center is the idea that Royal Vegas is a doppelganger of its namesake. A virtual version of Las Vegas. In many ways, you would be forgiven for thinking that it is exactly that.

I have been going on about the look of this casino. It is true that the graphics are a major selling point of this software package. There is a very deep level of attention to fine details on display. The fabrics look like fabrics. The lighting looks like lighting. The tables and cards—they all look like you could reach out an touch them. The illusion is uncanny. But fancy graphics are not the deciding factor of what makes a casino worthy of your time. So what makes the Royal Vegas so special? For one thing, performance. This is an extremely well put together software package. The system is built on a Microgaming base. The programmers took an already slick software system and improved on it in every way. As I have mentioned, the graphics are amazing, but what this means is that the programmers took great pains to tweak every aspect of this software. Your computer will never hang or crash in the middle of a game because everything has been perfectly optimized. This means that you will never lose a potential win to a badly designed software system. This is not very surprising. Microgaming is a mature software platform and their random number generator—the core of the online casino—is well known in the industry as one of the best.

In addition to providing one of the most stable platforms on which to build a casino, Microgaming has other things to offer, most significantly the fact that it has the largest number of games available for licensing. There are currently over 400 games on the Royal Vegas roster, which represents a large chunk of the games Microgaming actually has. A large percentage of the games at the Royal Vegas, furthermore enjoy inclusion in very large progressive jackpot pools, which are shared with other major casinos on the Microgaming platform. There is no doubt that the partnership between Royal Vegas and Microgaming is extremely mutually beneficial, and allows all aspects of this incredible casino to shine. This casino doesn’t just mimic the experience of going to an actual casino. It surpasses it in every single way.

For one thing, this casino is always open. The dealers are always there. It is always abuzz with excitement. Even the most action packed traditional casino will see a wane in its traffic in the murkier hours of the night. By 4am you’re likely to only find drunks and belligerents even at the loveliest casino on the strip. Not so at the Royal Vegas. Because this casino is worldwide, the evening is always just getting started at the Royal Vegas. People are up and energetic, and there to have fun. It is a community and it is always there. Players can log in from wherever they want. The download software works on both Mac and PC platforms, and the flash software works in any browser on any computer, no matter where you are. You could be standing in line at the supermarket, and you would be able to squeeze a few pulls on the slot machines on your 3G smartphone in the time it takes you to reach the teller. The Royal Vegas offers more than just fancy software. They stand behind it in every way. There is a dedicated support staff available all the time, no matter what the time or what day of the year it is. Customer service is there the moment you need them, even if it is 3am, you’re lost on the side of the turnpike, and the street lights are out. Service will be courteous, cheerful, and most of all, extremely helpful.

The Royal Vegas casino provides stellar service, and it shows with its massive player base that is rabidly dedicated and loyal. Long after the bonuses are behind them, players refuse to abandon the Royal Vegas. One of the reasons for this staunch support for the casino is that it is one of the few places on earth they can play safely and know for sure that the games are fair. The casino is licensed in the EU through the government of Malta. Every month, players know, the Royal Vegas allows eCOGRA representatives to come in and root through their servers. Their goal is to uncover any sort of funny business. Of course, the Royal Vegas has one of the cleanest records in the industry. It is no wonder, then that they inspire such loyalty. Finding such a casino is rare in the super saturated online gaming world.

For all these reasons, as well as the fact that the sign up bonus totals a cool $1,200, the Royal Vegas is one of the premiere destination in the world to go gambling. You would not easily find another casino in this league. Between the honesty and fairness, the sheer number of games, and the ease of use of the software, this should be your first and only destination for your online casino needs.