How To Win Money Playing Online Poker

How To Win Money Playing Online Poker

Do you enjoy playing online poker? I would imagine that the majority of people who are reading this article will have answered this question in the positive. I am somebody who loves playing poker, but only when I win. I do not see it as a hobby; I see it as a battle of wills and a chance to win some money. In this article I will be writing about my online poker strategy to winning money.

I know a lot of people who play online poker, their ages range from nineteen to fifty-seven, quite a broad range, however they are mainly aged in their thirties. I often ask these people how they are getting on and if they are up or down. I am astonished by the amount of times I have heard people say; I was doing really well last week until Saturday night, on this night I was down big style, I was drunk though.

They put their losses down to the fact that they were drunk. When I press them further and suggest that maybe they should not play when they are drunk, they come back with the fact that they really enjoy playing poker when they are in a drunken state. It is as if losing money does not matter to them, perhaps it doesn’t.

How many other people who play on the online poker tables have the same attitude? I would say that plenty of them do.

For me poker is a game of patience, you need to keep your discipline and wait for the right hands to come up. It is worth a little bluff from time to time when you play this type of tight game as your opponents will start to believe that you only ever bet when you have a good hand.

I tend to win the big money quite late at night, possibly due to the fact that my fellow players are worse for wear and have now lost their discipline. I play a cautious and patient game but go for the kill when I have the winning hand. I hope that this strategy works, one last tip, do not play poker when you are drunk.